The best software to create landing pages

The best software to create landing pages

You just built something new. After weeks of planning and correcting, you're finally ready to share it with the world.

A tweet or a post on Facebook is not enough. They may generate clicks but are unlikely to attract the attention your product deserves. You don't have time to start a new website from scratch after all the energy spent on your new project. Or maybe you already have a site that brings together everything your company has produced, and you'd rather have something that is entirely focused on your novelty.

You need a landing page, a page focused on a specific product that shares its best features and invites people to sign up and learn more. Let's see together which is the best software to create an excellent landing page in a few minutes.

What should a great landing page builder have?

A landing page does one thing extremely well: it focuses visitors’ attention on what you are promoting, with a single call to action that leads people to sign up to get more information or buy your product directly. The landing page supports your marketing campaigns, helping you capture leads and to present-targeted messages for specific audiences.

You could manually program a web page, and you could also add a single page for your product to any CMS. But you can get a better result with something simpler. When you decide to create a landing page to launch some new product, you need:

  1. An app for making a one-page website that is easy to customize without programming.
  2. Templates to help you quickly create your website with an attractive design.
  3. Tool to add extra elements to the template (images, long-forms and more).
  4. A button to take your visitors to another site or store where they can buy your product, or to a form where they can sign up for more info.
  5. A customizable domain for your site.
  6. A web analytics service to find out how many people visit the page and how they got there.

There are many tools that can help you do all this, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Let's see in detail 10 software that could be right for you.

Google sites

The new Google Sites is one of the many hidden apps of the Google Suite and is one of the best to build your landing page without having to spend anything.

Using Google Sites, you can customize the colors and text, but you can't change much of the default style. All Google sites have a large header with the title of your choice and a colored background or a background image of your choice among the various themes available.

Below that, you can drag and drop the various sections for text, images or uploaded files. If you want to monitor the traffic of your page you can also add Google Analytics to your site to do it without third party plugins.

Normally your page will be published on Google sub domain, but if you want to quickly put up a landing page it will not be a problem.

Google Sites is free for those with a Google account. 



If you want the shortest way to make a landing page, Launchaco is for you. You can make a full page for your product in less than 5 minutes without any hassle. It is designed to create as few problems as possible and gives you the possibility to download it if you prefer to upload it to your own server. The dashboard does not include statistics regarding page traffic like other software, but there is always the option to use Google Analytics.

The Launchaco pages include a default button, perfect for sharing such a link to an online store. If you want to increase your leads, you can add a Mailchimp subscription form directly on Launchaco. There is of course the possibility of adding other blocks to your page, but thus the creation time exceeds the promised 5 minutes.

Launchaco is free as long as you accept that the logo appears on your sites. Otherwise, the premium offer includes payment for the removal of the brand and the possibility to download the sites created.


Need to create a page quickly, but want to customize it? Another lightning-fast builder ready for you is Carrd. Choose a template and start editing right away, just create an account when you're ready to publish your site.

Most editing tools are simple to use. Just click on the elements to be modified and a sidebar will open where you can comfortably make your changes.

The free version is perfect if you need to build a landing page with a button to transfer visitors somewhere else. Otherwise, with a paid plan you can add a form to your page to collect information from new leads.

Mailchimp landing page

Known as an email marketing app, its landing pages are designed solely for adding new contacts to a mailing list. But the MailChimp builder is one of the best when it comes to sending emails to your new contacts.

At the moment, it is not possible to add a custom domain, although, with a paid account, it is possible to customize the subdomain of the page and the MailChimp team is confident to add the functionality for custom domains soon. Even without this, it's another affordable software for creating landing pages, with reports showing the conversion numbers of visitors to subscribers.


Unbounce is the Photoshop of landing page builders, thanks to its very similar graphical and operational interface. The peculiarity that makes it particularly interesting is that in addition to the normal editing functions for customization, it is possible to intervene directly on the code itself and turn it over from top to bottom.

For this reason, it is better to first customize all the default graphics and texts and then proceed with the A / B testing tool to compare the different variants of your pages and choose the winning one. Once this is done, again through the dashboard you can download a list of all the leads who have filled out the form on your page.


Wix is ​​designed to build sites of any kind without having to understand coding. If you use one of its landing page themes, you can quickly create a one-page site. Once the template is found, the Wix editor makes customization a breeze, with a whole series of menus and panels for formatting. 


Instapage is designed for collaboration while remaining one of the fastest builders around. It’ll ask you to invite your team right from the start or you'll start on your own. There is the possibility to customize most of the elements of the templates with a simple click, which will reveal the appropriate tools.

Those who will help you in the implementation will be able to edit the page in real-time, as with Google Docs, or will be able to comment in each section of the site to highlight things that need to be changed. You can download the site as an Instapage file to share or reuse it in later projects.

Want to save time and money?

At Think Ink Agency, our services include all of these and more. We can create a customizable landing page for you or you can do it yourself. Contact us today and schedule a demo with one of our marketing experts!