Why is responsive design so important?

Why is responsive design so important?

Responsive design is the future of web design. It's essential to make sure that your site looks great on all devices, not just a tiny percentage of them. You'll be surprised how many people are using their mobile phones to visit your site. At Think Ink Agency, we can help you with that!


What is a Responsive Design?

A responsive web design adjusts the layout of your site based on the device that is being used to view it. An example would be if someone visits your website using their mobile phone, it will automatically display a version optimized for small screens such as an iPhone or Android phone's screen. Not only that but, any content you have would fit accordingly to the size of the screen, eliminating any guesswork on the user's part. At Think Ink Agency we offer a wide variety of services including web design which includes a responsive site.


Importance of a Responsive Web Design


Increased Reach to Customers

The first advantage to a responsive design is that the user experience will be identical on any screen size if implemented correctly. This means a user is visiting your site from their Android phone, Windows tablet, or Macbook would see no difference. The only difference being the interface they're using to browse it with. This provides a great user experience for active mobile site users and makes digital marketing easier.

The number of people using their cell phones to browse the internet has increased tremendously in the past few years. 22% of users will only spend time on a cell phone-friendly site and, in some cases, none at all.


Decrease in Cost Management

By developing a single website rather than multiple websites, you can reduce the costs of managing multiple versions and increase digital marketing. This will allow more money to be spent on the development aspect of your site and not have to worry about design changes in different interfaces.


Increased Time on Site, Decreased Bounce Rates

The average bounce rate from a mobile device is 55%. This means that only 45% of users who come to your site stay long enough to take action. This figure changes quite dramatically when a responsive design is implemented. The percentage of users who view more than one page on a responsive design is 65% compared to 45% on a non-responsive design.


Increase in Search Engine Ranking

Google sees sites that are mobile-friendly as important to the overall search experience. Because of this, Mobile-Friendly Design is now a ranking factor in Google. Google states, "pages that are not mobile friendly may rank lower than pages that are more mobile-friendly in search results" – Google.

Implementing responsive design allows search engines to view your site as being more "mobile friendly" and thus increase your search engine ranking and digital marketing becomes easier. This means that more people will see your site, which is good for business.


Better Customer Experience

The most significant advantage of all: your customer's experience with you is improved when viewing on a mobile device. You want to ensure the best possible user experience for them as they will get to know your business more and may become paying customers. This is a huge advantage for everyone involved; you, your potential customers, and the search engines who promote you.


Track and Report All Data From One Place

By developing a single website, you can also track all data from one place. This will allow for more accurate statistics and reporting across your entire user base.

The future is now, and it's mobile. You must have a responsive design on your site so your customers can visit your site whether they're using their tablet or desktop computer. If you don't have a mobile-friendly responsive design on your site, then you're missing out on many potential customers and search engine hits that will negatively impact your business.

Responsive design is not just about making websites accessible to all devices; it's also a way of doing business. The more responsive your website is, the better experience you can provide for your customers; if this sounds like something that could help your company grow its customer base or increase sales even further than before, reach out to Think Ink Agency. We are experts at designing and maintaining websites with fully responsive layouts. We do more than just marketing your website; we have our CRM and offer other services that will help your business grow. Call us Today!