Part 1 - How to plan the best Facebook marketing strategy

Part 1 - How to plan the best Facebook marketing strategy

If you are reading this article, chances are you have a Facebook account (your customers and potential buyers are also likely on the popular social network). After all, there are around 207 million active users in the United States alone, while the number rises to more than 2 billion worldwide.

Since its appearance on the market, the white and blue social network has grown dramatically and has made great strides. Opening a profile is free for everyone, but how does Facebook manage to be a company with a dizzying turnover here?

To understand this, it is first of all necessary to realize that FB is much more than a simple virtual place where people can connect with each other. In reality, you should imagine the famous web address corresponds to a marketing platform, if not the most powerful marketing platform in the history of online business. The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg allows thousands of small, medium, and large companies to sell products and/or services to loyal customers or potential buyers in a highly targeted and engaging way.

It represents the ideal channel to generate leads and increase the sales volume of products of any type and of any company. With such a large number of users, your audience of consumers will certainly be present on the social network regardless of everything. In fact, nowadays, if you own a company - even more so if it is mainly online - you cannot avoid providing a marketing strategy dedicated to Facebook. Amateur or professional.

Advertising on Facebook is relatively easy compared to other platforms and can be highly targeted. However, it is necessary that your strategy is captivating and recognizable among the infinite range of proposals currently available. To do this, there are a series of strategies to be adopted, with the aim of maximizing the economic return of your social investment and hooking your specific ideal consumers into the sea of ​​users at any time.

With a solid marketing strategy specifically designed for social media you can reach your audience at the exact moment they are ready to buy a product; or at least increase the awareness of your company and/or product for all those who are ready to make a purchase.

So let's see what are the best strategies to follow to have significant results for your company.

Checking if the target you are referring to is present on Facebook is the most important question you need to ask yourself, especially if your business works on very specific and niche targets (for example items for the elderly or electrical materials). Having clear ideas about the target to be reached will make it less difficult to do a preventive check to identify more precisely the presence on Facebook of the people to whom it is useful to tell the story of the brand.

A fundamental step in planning a strategy is to define the characteristics of the target to which the ad is to be addressed, based on a series of characteristics that Facebook allows you to select. For each selected feature, Facebook will return important information like, “how many people with these features are potentially present on Facebook”.

At this stage, it is important to keep this opportunity in mind, to get an idea of ​​the amount of target people on Facebook. Considering that Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, this step is useful if your brand is aimed at very particular niches, or has a totally B2B vocation and uses more direct channels to communicate with the target.

Once it has been decided that this channel is interesting to preside over as a possible strategic meeting point with the target, the first step in defining a communication strategy on Facebook is to define the objectives to be achieved. Often requests from customers that arrive at our agency indicate “create engagement” and “increase the fanbase” as the objectives of the page of a brand. These objectives are not "right" or "wrong" in absolute terms, but they are certainly very vertical on the channel: they are in fact very tactical objectives, which indicate the health of the page and which today could almost be given for granted.

In fact, it is natural to aspire to create a content project on Facebook which, in addition to working towards higher marketing objectives, among other things is also so much appreciated by people to engage them in everyday life and, consequently, aggregate a greater number of people.

The most important goals to keep in mind when starting out in building your Facebook strategy are higher: business first and marketing second. Although the Facebook page is only a piece of the brand's communication, it is still a channel where it will tell many things about itself and which could significantly contribute to bringing results in terms of marketing. It is, therefore, useful to know what the direction of the business is: where does the company want to go and what are the forecasts for its near future?

Subsequently, it is useful to understand the business criticality that generated the need for communication: what problem do you want to repair or buffer with this new project? Finally, it is good to understand which marketing objectives have been identified by the company to address the criticality of the business. Knowing the ultimate marketing objectives when building a strategy on Facebook is essential to make sense of any action plan you are going to think of on this channel. 

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